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bushbabies For Sale

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Bushbabies as pets

Bushbabies are one of the most specialized species we raise here on the ranch. Bushies are little one-pound nocturnal small primates that can jump higher than 5 feet straight up. They have bold personalities that require their caretakers to keep them on a healthy 24hr routine. Bushbabies have pros and cons. Some pros are they are super soft, sweet-smelling, hearty, and affectionate;  some cons are nocturnal, expensive diet, and in the primate family. If you are seriously interested in obtaining a bushbaby please read my Buy a Bushbaby Guide and sign up for our notification list at the bottom of this page. 

How to purchase a Bushbaby from JEAR 

First, research our website to learn

about Bushbaby care and ownership

Then, establish or find a vet who is experienced in their care

Sign up for baby alerts and watch for babies to be posted here 

Baby Bushbabies are extremely limited! 

Bushbaby for Sale in Kingsbury Texas

We are currently accepting deposits on upcoming babies

For serious inquiries call or text Ashley 210-241-1856

At JEAR, our focus isn’t on selling you an animal.

Our mission is to provide you with the perfect animal experience;

making sure that you if leave with a little one it is right for you and your family.


Come on out and let us show you what the Janda experience is all about. 

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Previously Sold Bushbaby babies

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