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Warmer environments

Native to Africa

Galagos Bushbaby


Galagos Bushbaby information

Everyone gets excited about our bushbabies and although they are not endangered in they wild they are uncommon to see in captivity.  We have worked many years on our captive breeding program to create a successful colony.  

Galagos, or bushbaby are small nocturnal mammals that are in the primate family. About the size of a small rabbit they have human-like fingers and hands which they use to jump and grip onto branches high in the trees.  They have big personalities and sweet dispositions. Bushbaby are very rare and uncommon, truly a one of a kind exotic. 

Their attributes include no claws, small in size and they aren't common "biters" as adults. They have a low tendency to become aggressive with their families as adults, and have a mellow personality. 

What is a bushbaby?

Bushbaby Zookeeper Facts

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They are closely related to lemurs

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They have a sweet aroma like syrup

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They have one baby per year

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They have one enlarged claw for grooming themselves


They hop when they are excited

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Their ears are noise satellites and can move interdependently

Meet the Bushbabies at JEAR

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