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Bushbabies as pets | Buying a Bushbaby Guide

If you are curious about owning a bushbaby, greater galago, you are in the right place. At JEAR we are home to one of the largest groups of bushbabies in the private industry.

It is important to consider that owning a bushbaby is not easy, and the baby is a living being that will require many years of dedication from you and immediate family members in the house. Bushbabies are not toys and will require a mature understanding and dedication.

Buying a pet bushbaby

We receive many inquiries every day about our galagos bushbabies for sale. We have raised and bred these small primates since 2012 at our licensed ranch in Kingsbury Texas.

There are few private breeders of bushies, they are not easy to come by and are quite difficult to breed. Few zoos have them in their collection because of their small size, and nocturnal nature.

We occasionally offer our Bushies to the public for sale as companions. They are adorable and can be great pets for the right person or family. We have very limited babies available to the public, so obtaining a baby is difficult. We also prioritize licensed facilities when placing babies.

The best way to get a baby is to sign up for the email notifications at the bottom of the Bushbabies for Sale page.

Where to buy a Bushbaby?

A bushbaby is not a type of animal you can go purchase or order at any public pet store. They are only bred and raised in a small number of specially licensed facilities across the USA.

Never buy any animals from a pet store- No proper training and very high pricing, pet stores are not reliable as a resource for the life of your primate.

We are located in Kingsbury Texas and all bushbabies are pickup ONLY to avoid scams. Read here about Scams

Do not buy a monkey unless it is in person, and do not send money without research!

We do not let our babies go before they have reached all important milestones. We spend weeks training and developing our babies into socially and physically healthy bushies.

Buying a pet bushbaby

At JEAR we breed a small number of babies each year to ensure proper care for the parents and any offspring that are born. We keep our number extremely low because Bushies take so much time and special care. We have other animal species to tend to so we do not want to be overwhelmed and miss out on important needs that each marmoset monkey requires.

When are bushbabies born?

Baby bushbabies are born during the summer and ready to go during the fall season.

How many babies do they have at a time?

One at a time is most common, although JEAR has had several sets of successful twins born.

Do they nurse on the mom?

Yes they are mammals in the primate family and must stay with their mother for several weeks to get the proper nutrition and socializing that is important to bushbabies.

How long do bushbabies live?

Bushbabies can live up to 20 years! It is a long commitment.

How do I know if a bushbaby is right for me?

Bushbabies are adorable, but they are not for everyone or every household. They are strictly nocturnal, can be moody and require specialized feeding.

First, are children in the home? A bushbaby is an adult's pet, they are not for children to play with alone.

Training and routine are a huge part of bonding with your bushie. Evening time is when most of your interactions should occur.

Feeding a bushbaby can be expensive they require fresh fruits, live insects and protein sources like eggs and chicken.

How old are they when they get to come home?

Typically 8-12 weeks old is the age we let our babies go. There are certain milestones they must reach by this time before we will let them go. The age can vary by the baby.

Be careful getting a baby too young, they require specialized care and hand-feedings that can be fatal if not done by a professional. JEAR does not sell unweaned babies.

How much are bushbabies?

The babies cost thousands of dollars, and the prices do fluctuate. At JEAR you can expect to spend $10,000-$17,000 on a hand raised baby depending on color, sex and other factors. Each baby that is born is individually priced after birth.

What do bushbabies smell like?

Bushbabies smell sweet, like syrup!

What comes with a newly adopted baby bushbaby?

The Care Guide will have your important paperwork for your baby including helpful birthdate and vet information.

JEAR provides samples of the babies current diet as well as some scented articles that are special to the baby.

What is the buying experience like?

We work very closely with our bushbaby families and facilities to ensure everyone is prepared before pickup. Once you place a deposit we will be in touch for preparation and to answer any questions you have prior to picking up your baby.

We have all supplies ready to go and we spend time going over care and instructions. Once you feel comfortable with your new baby you can take them home :)

We are very active with our past buyers and are available for any questions after you get home- call us before you Google!

Where and how can I interact with a bushbaby in person to help me decide?

Unfortunately, interacting with adult bushbabies will not give you a great idea of what you can expect when they are living with you and integrated into your home. If you are hoping you can take your bushbaby to work on your shoulder every day, this is not a possibility as they are nocturnal, and they can become aggressive with visitors and any changes in routine.

Galago Bushbabies are rarely at your local zoo, you won't be able to hold one there but you can go and see their bodies and some behaviors in person.

Occasionally, we offer our babies to be visited in the Cuddle Cabin. Many of our customers start their research here and can get hands-on meeting with a baby. This is a place to start the conversation, and see and hold a baby in person. It will not show you a day-to-day expectation of having a bushbaby for life.

How do I set up an appointment to meet a Bushbaby?

Although our adult residents are not available to interact with our babies are often in the cuddle cabin.



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