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What is Janda Exotics Animal Ranch?

JEAR is a private exotic animal breeding ranch located in Kingsbury, Texas. We specialize in breeding rare animals. The Duncan family are the caretakers and professional propagators of these unique animals including the red kangaroo, fennec fox, hedgehog, marmoset monkey and endangered species such as the ruffed lemurs. 

When did JEAR begin?

JEAR was officially organized as a licensed business in 2008, created by Ashley Duncan. 

Who is Janda? 

Janda is an acronym for J and A, Jason and Ashley Duncan.

How can I buy an animal from JEAR?

Our website is current with available animals, research our website and contact us at for specific animal purchases. 

What is the goal of JEAR?

Our top goal is successful captive husbandry. This pushes the Duncan family to keep the JEAR ranch clean and quiet for the comfort of visitors and animals. 

Our secondary focus is our customers success with the animals and the long term success of each animal we breed. 

Is JEAR licensed to have all of these animals? 

Yes of course, JEAR is fully licensed by the USDA and the TPWD for the special species we raise. We have carried licensure since 2008.

What makes JEAR so great? 

We are not a fad and this isn't our part time job, this is our families 24/7/365 lifestyle and we are dedicated to our animals without question. 

Our three children work with us and the animals when they are not in school or activities, we all passionately care about being successful with our animals and the people they end up with. 

Our focus is not fame or social media likes, our focus is the animals long term success. 

Are the animals at JEAR rescues? JEAR is not a rescue based ranch,  however we do have a surrender  program and we do accept some animals under rescue or relinquish status. Click here for info on our surrender program

Where do the animals at JEAR come from?

Most of the animals at JEAR have been born and raised here or at another specialized animal ranch. Our resident animals are carefully selected to ensure their compatibility with our ranch purpose. One thing you can be sure, none of the animals at JEAR came directly from the wild. 

Do you offer volunteer programs at the ranch? 

At this time we do not have a volunteer program, please check back with us in the future for opportunities. 

Do you ship your animals to their new homes?

No, we don't offer any transportation at the moment. All baby animals are pickup only at the ranch. 

Do you accept surrender animals if we can not take care of them anymore?

Yes we do, please see our Surrender Program for more details on the species we accept.

Jear Cuddle Cabin Kangaroo.jpg
Cuddle Cabin


All encounters are 100%  guided

Hands-on, interactive and up-close

One of a kind experience

When can we visit the ranch? We love visitors, but all visits to the ranch are by appointment only. 

How long does the Cuddle Cabin take? The Cuddle Cabin is approximately 60 minutes, or 90 minutes for large groups

What is the age limit for the Cuddle Cabin? Each encounter has an appropriate age limit with 4 years being the youngest.

What is the dress code for the Cuddle Cabin? Socks! We remove our shoes in the cuddle cabin.  Please do not wear any loose jewelry, loose clothing, or strong perfume/cologne. Please leave tobacco products in your vehicle and keep your long hair pulled back.

What should I wear to the Cuddle Cabin? Comfortable clothing, the Cuddle Cabin is indoor. Easily removable shoes. 

What if I am late to my Cuddle Cabin? The JEAR ranch is on a strict feeding and care schedule to ensure the animals are cared for correctly. Please call for schedule changes. 


Are outside pets welcome at the ranch? We love animals but due to the safety and bio-security hazards, there are no personal animals allowed. Guests requiring ADA registered service animals are permitted to enter the ranch. 

Is the Cuddle Cabin private? Yes, only your party and will be in the Cuddle Cabin.

What happens if it rains during a Cuddle Cabin? Our Cuddle Cabin is indoor and we can stay dry with the animals.


Do you give group discounts for Cuddle Cabins? We specialize in small private party experiences and don't offer large group options over 10 at the moment. 

Is the ranch handicapped accessible? Yes. However the ranch is outdoor and more rustic and most paths are gravel, rock, or grass. 

Are there any rules about the ranch I should know prior to my visit? 

  1. All visitors must be accompanied by a staff member at all times. 

  2. No radios or loud music of any kind is allowed while visiting

  3. Running is not allowed 

  4. No smoking on ranch grounds​

Is smoking allowed at Janda Exotics? No, The ranch is a smoke-free zone. 

What payment methods do you accept? Cash, Paypal, VISA, and MasterCard. State tax is applicable on most purchases.

Do you have a gift shop? Yes. Our gift shop has t-shirts, JEAR merchandise, and pet supplies. VISA and MasterCard are accepted in the gift shop. We also have our online gift shop. 

Can I take videos and photos? Yes, we encourage personal photos.

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