General FAQ

  • When can we visit? All visits to the ranch are by appointment only. 

  • How do we make an appointment to tour or visit? Schedule your visit by reserving time online here

  • How long does it take to tour the zoo? The regular Tour Combo takes about 2 hours. Depending on your visit and the number of people in your party the time may vary.

  • What is the age limit for encounters? Most experiences are for ages 4 and up.  Birthday party and group parties have no age limit.

  • What is the dress code?  Closed toed shoes  ankles and feet should be fully covered. Please do not wear any loose jewelry,  loose clothing or strong perfume / cologne. Please leave tobacco products in vehicle and keep long hair tied up. Be sure to wear clothes and shoes that you don't mind getting dirty.

  • What should I wear?  The tour is outdoor and on foot, there may be poop or mud so please wear appropriate shoes. Long pants are recommended. 

  • Will I get dirty on the encounters?  If there has been recent rain there may be some muddy paws or walkways. Animals have to pee and poop and sometimes you may get a little dirty while handling them, we have washing stations and wipes for such instances

  • Are outside pets welcome in the zoo? We love animals but due to the safety and bio-security hazards there are no personal pets allowed. 

  • What is your Service Animal Policy? Guests requiring ADA registered service animals are permitted to enter the ranch.  Guests are required to clean up all defecation from their service animals while at the ranch. 

  • What happens if it rains on a tour?  Our barn and Cuddle cabin are weather safe, and we can stay dry with the animals. We will try to accommodate for the weather as much as possible. 

  • Do you provide refunds or rain-checks if we are not able to finish the tour?  Once the tour starts we try our very best to accommodate the tour and to see all of the animals but we cannot provide rain-checks or refunds. Please be advised.   

  • Do you give group discounts? We specialize in private party experiences, but we do offer group gatherings and parties. Learn more and get rates here

  • How do I check available dates for booking birthday parties or group visits?   Please contact the Office at (210) 241-1856  or email us.

  • Is the ranch open on holidays/ holiday weekends?   The ranch is open most holidays. 

  • Is the ranch open during the winter?   Yes, we are open all year round.

  • Do you rent wheelchairs, wagons or strollers? Equipment rental is not available. However, you are welcome to bring your own to the ranch.

  • Is the ranch handicapped accessible? Yes. However the ranch is more rustic and most paths are gravel, rock or grass. Some areas are not accessible.

  • Are there any rules about the Ranch I should know prior to my visit? 

              -All visitors must be accompanied by a staff member                             at all times. 
               -No radios or loud music of any kind allowed while visiting
               -Running is not allowed 
              -No smoking or alcohol on zoo grounds​

  • Is smoking allowed at Janda Exotics? No, The ranch is a smoke free zone. 

  • What payment methods do you accept?? Cash, Paypal, VISA and MasterCard. State tax is applicable on most purchases.

  • Do you have an ATM in the ranch? Unfortunately we do not have an ATM on site. We do accept credit cards.

  • Do you have a concession stand? We do not sell any food or concessions at this time. 

  • Do you have a gift shop? Yes. Our gift shop has t-shirts, hand soaps and pet supplies. VISA and MasterCard are accepted in the gift shop. We also have our Online Gift Shop

  • Where are the restrooms located in the ranch? Our public restroom is located near the parking area, up the ramp next to the Sales office/gift shop. 

  • Can I , my family, or  group volunteer at the ranch?  At this time we do not have a volunteer program, please check back with us in the future for opportunities. 

  • Can I take videos and photos? Yes we encourage personal photos, dont forget to share your pics on our Forums Page

Dress Code for all  Experiences

  • Please wear long pants 

  •    Closed toed shoes (tennis shoes or boots)ankles and feet need to be fully covered (no exposed skin)

  •  No loose jewelry, watches or bracelets

  •  No loose clothing

  •  No strong perfume / cologne

  •  Leave tobacco products in vehicle

  •  Long hair tied up

**Wear clothes and shoes that you don't mind getting dirty**


We go at the animals speed, the time of an animal experience may be adjusted or delayed when an animal has become overstimulated or needs rest or playtime. We always put the well-being of our animals first. Due to an animal’s age or its temperament at the time of an experience, we cannot guarantee that on any experience you will be able to hold the animal. With patience, we will give you the best experience possible and assure the well-being of our animals. 

Animal Experiences

  • All experiences are by appointment only at this time.

  • All tours and encounters are 100% private and guided.

  • Hands-on, interactive and up-close! One of a kind experiences!

  • Minimum age of 4 on most options. 

Girl holds rabbit
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