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Janda Exotics Animal ranch

is a private exotic animal breeding ranch, specializing in breeding and selling exotic animals that are born here as a part of our captive breeding programs. JEAR  is a specialized ranch dedicated to the health and happiness of our our resident animals. We are federally and locally licensed, proudly located in Kingsbury, Texas.


 The ranch is in the central area of Texas, within 2 hours of Austin, San Antonio and Houston. The JEAR ranch is in a rural setting surrounded by large farmlands which enhances the natural experience while visiting.  JEAR is home to 18 exotic animal species and 256 individual permanent resident animals. JEAR sits on 70 rural country acres and our founder is a multi-generational animal caretaker who began working in the animal industry in high school.  


JEAR is family owned and operated by the owners Ashley and Jason Duncan & sons.  Working with nature, outdoor living, and ranch life are what is important to the future of JEAR and what we hope to work and live by and how we will present our ranch to others preach, and these are the principles we run our ranch by. 


We maintain healthy, captive environments for our exotic and farm animals that facilitate and encourage successful breeding and health. JEAR sells exotic animals to the public and private business sectors. JEAR offers exclusive private meeting opportunities for the public to meet baby animals in person. JEAR also provides exotic animal products and foods that are JEAR name brand and for the species we raise.  

The Duncan boys also sell ranch treasures, artifacts and unique natural finds that were carefully selected and collected from the ranch to represent our wonderful oasis.  



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Trusted breeder

JEAR has a long standing 5 star reputation with its clients and we are so proud to have great relationships with our extended JEAR family.  Our best form of advertisement is word of mouth, and our clients are our testimonials. 


We earn your trust with honesty and family values.

Clients Success


JEAR has worked under a USDA license since 1999. This is our 100% lifestyle we are dedicated to our animals and clients. 

Our ranch is quiet and intimate by design, so we can focus carefully on our resident animals. Our focus is not on getting the most likes on Social Media posts, we strive to spend most of our time caring for our species. 


Exotic Animals for sale in Kingsbury Texas

At JEAR, we are passionate about providing the best and most trusted exotic pet experience for our clients. We understand that owning an exotic pet is a big responsibility and it is essential that you have the right information and resources to make the best choice.


We are no nonsense and no judgement establishment. We make it a point to give clear and correct information without sales pressure- we want our animals and our clients to be happy with each other. 

JEAR follows natural breeding cycles and take deposits on upcoming babies

throughout the year in order to have your next baby ready when the time is right. Check out our Sales pages for more information. 

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