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Sugar Glider pets for sale

Find your perfect baby sugar glider right here at JEAR. We raise each baby sugar glider joey by hand with over 20 years of breeding experience. Sugar Glider joeys are such a joy to raise, it's hard to find one that is not adorable and loveable! Many of our clients find out gliders are addictive and have more than one, especially when they come in all the yummy colors. Sugar gliders make great pocket pets for the right environment.  Some negative aspects to consider about sugar gliders is they are stinky, require a fresh diet, and can be noisy. If you think a suggie is right for you please read the care info blog and sign up for our notification list at the bottom of this page. 

Sugar Gliders for Sale near San Antonio TX

Why you should choose Janda Ranch for your next Sugar Glider

JEAR is a full-time highly reputable sugar glider breeder, since 2008 the Duncan family has enjoyed helping everyday people fulfill their dreams of sugar glider ownership

JEAR will help you to be fully prepared for your new baby sugar glider whether you are a new or experienced owner


Receive a free sample of Sugar Glider food 


Spend time at pickup answering every question in detail

We have supplies available for purchase at pickup


Receive lifetime aftercare- Follow up with us with any questions for the life of your pet

How to purchase a baby Sugar Glider from JEAR 

First research our website to learn about sugar glider care and ownership

Establish or find a vet who is experienced in their care

Finally, browse our available baby sugar gliders ready to go below


Pick up your baby at our ranch in Kingsbury Texas, and buy supplies while you are here

Sugar Gliders for Sale near Austin TX

Yes! We have Sugar Gliders available now,

check below for current babies, we update our page daily 

We specialize in baby sugar gliders but occasionally have adults for sale 


Sugar Gliders ready to go