How it all started...
Growing up on a working ranch near San Antonio Texas, Ashley Duncan spent her childhood raising show rabbits for 4H, exotic pet birds and cattle with her family.
As a young teenager Ashley met a kinkajou for the first time and her family became involved in the exotic animal world. Working with her family, she bred and raised all sorts of small exotics from specialty colored hamsters, to coatimundi and fennec foxes.
After graduating college at San Marcos Texas State University in 2007, Ashley began working a normal 8-5 job for the state of Texas. It became clear that animals and nature was Ashley's true calling and would not be something she could let go of.  Janda Exotics was founded and created in January 2008 with the goal of becoming a highly reputable breeder of small and exotic mammals. 
In 2012 after their first child was born, Ashley decided to commit fully to her family and Janda, and she has not returned to the public work force since. Instead spending her life dedicated to working and developing Janda. 
After almost 10 years of building ultra successful breeding programs it was time to move to bigger and better places.
Janda Exotics Animal Ranch moved to a large ranch in Kingsbury Texas in 2016. 
The ranch move has been wildly successful, and has created opportunities to care for more variety of large species and more room to grow and expand. Since moving the ranch has added private tours and encounters, as well as its exclusive Cuddle Cabin where visitors can cuddle with its most rare exotic babies. 
At present, JEAR is home to over 35 different species of exotic animals and is a long standing, respected and prominent member of the small animal exotic community.
Janda Exotics is also proud to employ over a dozen local residents, many are full time. Visiting the ranch is an experience any animal or nature lover will enjoy.
The experience at Janda Exotics Animal Ranch is like no other. The care and animal care standards that have been implemented over time is apparent in everything that is done
Why do we raise and care for these exotic animals?  We have a deep respect and love for all animals. We want to share our love and years of experience with fellow animal lovers. Ashley has over a decade of experience with almost every species that we have under our care. She works to continue her knowledge base and spread it throughout the community and to all animal owners.
Our Mission: We strive to expand the general consumers knowledge level on all exotic and domestic animals. We focus on captive husbandry and propagation to ensure our animals are healthy and happy. We breed exotic companions and strive to provide the most well kept hand raised exotic companions for our customers. 
Captive Husbandry:  Our primary focus is on the long-term physical and emotional care of our captive wildlife and farm animals.
Propagation:  Our secondary focus is on preserving the genetic viability and sustainability of captive populations of the delicate, rare and endangered species we keep and how such can be applied to the propagation of all other species.
Exotic companions: Our number one priority is the well-being of our animals and where they go if they leave.
We want to ensure that you are able to meet the needs of your exotic. Not every animal is suitable as a "pet" and not every home is suitable for an exotic companion.
Our facility holds licenses with Texas Parks and Wildlife and US Department of Agriculture which maintains a higher level of care standard than you will find in non licensed facilities. 
Notable Janda Babies  &  Janda in the News 
  • In 2008  "Critter Magazine" featured an article about small pets and Ashley was consulted and quoted in the article  relaying her knowledge and opinions about flying squirrels and short tailed opossums as pets. 
  • In 2011 our Coatimundi Severis and Ashley were featured on the front cover of the Texas State University newspaper. A story was written, and film documented about our home and our life with exotics. 
  • Our Kinkajou Dobby was the featured in Animal Planet's "Pets 101" docu-series about exotic pets. 
Many of our offspring reside in national zoos, countless educational programs, school classrooms and on Animal Planet and National Geographic. Our clientele consists of celebrities, vets and I  work with several local and international zoos and breeding programs.


Ashley & Jason Duncan
Owner & Founders

Fully licensed and in good standing with the USDA for breeding, selling and exhibiting our exotics


We hold several permits and are licensed through the State of Texas for our native species.

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