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How JEAR GOT started

Growing up on a working cattle ranch near San Antonio Texas, Ashley Duncan spent her childhood raising show rabbits, exotic parrots and cattle with her family. As a young teenager Ashley met a kinkajou for the first time and was immediately entranced. Working alongside her family, she began breeding and raised all sorts of small exotics from specialty colored dwarf hamsters to hedgehogs and fennec foxes. After graduating college with a psychology degree she began working a regular 8-5 job. However, it was immediately clear that it wasn't what she was destined to do in life, working with animals and nature was Ashley's true calling.  

Janda Exotics was founded and created in San Marcos Texas, in January 2008

Ashley Duncan Owner of janda exotics

Ashley &Jason Duncan
Owners & Founders

After almost 10 years of building and learning from ultra-successful breeding programs it was time to move to bigger and better things. Janda Exotics moved to a much larger property in Kingsbury Texas in 2016. The ranch move has been wildly successful and has created opportunities to care for more variety of large species with room to grow and expand.  Since moving we have added private encounters where visitors can meet with its most rare exotic babies in our Cuddle Cabin.  




Why do we do what we do?  At JEAR, our family has a deep respect and love for all animals that runs through our veins. We want to share our knowledge and experience with fellow animal lovers who have the same values.

Although we love selling our babies to eager families, many of our offspring reside in national and local zoos, countless educational programs, school classrooms and on Animal Planet and National Geographic.

We strive to run our ranch in a sustainable way, for our family and the animals that live here with us. Our lifestyle is 24/7/365 and we are not a fly-by-night operation.  We live for our animals and our family cares for them by hand everyday morning, noon, and night.  Our ranch is quiet and intimate by design, so we can focus carefully on our resident animals. 

Our focus is not on getting the most likes on Social Media posts, we strive to spend most of our time caring for our species. 

Beau, Travis, Colton 


At present, JEAR is home to over 25 different species of exotic animals. 


Janda Exotics is 100% family-run and financially self supported. We receive no outside or government funding


We are proud to raise our children in such a rich environment. 

Exotic Animal Breeder
Exotic Animal Breeder

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