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Exotic Baby animals for sale

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JEAR is a reputable licensed exotic animal breeder since 2008

Small exotic Pets for sale in Kingsbury Texas


hedgehog exotic pet for sale.jpg
Sugar glider exotic pets for sale.jpg
prairie dog for sale.jpg
Flying squirrel baby for sale.jpg
exotic animal breeder chinchilla texas.jpg
marmoset monkey for sale.jpg
Bushbaby for sale.jpg
Brown Lemur breeder texas.jpg
Lemur ruffed pet breeder texas.jpg
red kangaroo pet breeder texas.jpg
Coatimundi baby For sale Copper.jpg
Coco kinkajou baby for sale.jpg
Patty mini zebu calf for sale.jpg

At JEAR we specialize in exotic pets and companions

The exotic animals we raise are popular for their unique features and personalities. Because they are very popular, we want to make sure they are cared for properly and not treated like toys.


We sell very few babies each year, most with waiting lists. We prioritize licensed animal handlers and education parks but can make exceptions for the right home and animal combo.


It goes without saying that the animals at JEAR are among the most well cared for and spreading the joy of these companions is why #ilovemyjob.

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