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 Hedgehogs For Sale

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Hedgehog pets for sale

Find your perfect baby hedgehog right here at JEAR. We raise each baby hedgehog with over 20 years of breeding experience. Hedgehogs were among the first exotic species we began raising in 1999 and our passion for them has only grown! Hedgehogs are an all-around great pet, companion or ambassador animal.

Some great aspects about hedgehogs is they are nocturnal, quiet and are easy to handle. Some negative aspects about hedgehogs is they are temperature sensitive, can be introverted and are prone to small animal illnesses. If you think a hedgehog is right for you please read my Buy a Hedgehog Guide and sign up for our notification list at the bottom of this page. 

How to buy a hedgehog from JEAR

We are conveniently located in central Texas and our baby hedgehogs are most popular in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas areas and beyond!


Read our Care Info blog and learn about hedgehogs and consider why you want one as a pet. Then establish or find a vet who is experienced in hedgehog care


Place a deposit on a baby online or schedule an appointment to meet our babies in person,

our specialty is matching people with their perfect hedgehog


See baby hedgehogs for sale below 

Why you should choose JEAR for your next Hedgehog

JEAR will help you to be fully prepared for your new baby whether you are a new or experienced owner

We give all new owners a free sample of food their baby is currently eating


We spend time at pickup answering every question in detail

We have supplies available for purchase at pickup

We work with our animals full-time  and are available for any aftercare needed 

JEAR is committed to everyone succeeding with their new fur baby

Our family does the work to be your family's choice!

Yes! We have baby Hedgehogs ready to go now,

check below for current babies, we update our page daily 

We specialize in baby hedgehogs but occasionally have adults for sale