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Bushbaby Captive Care Information | A Complete Guide from feeding to behavior & more

Bushbaby Captive Care and Facts

Bushbabies can be wonderful companions in the right environments and are cared for with the right information. ​If you are here, then you are considering adding a bushbaby to your home and you are in the right place to learn vital information to make the right decision. This guide will go over everything from special foods to cage requirements and will give you an idea of what to expect when you have a bushbaby as a companion pet.

Stay clear of pet information articles written by professional writers who only compile information from the web and may have an agenda or bias underlying the article. These writers have absolutely NO experience with bushbabies or animals in general. This is written from a point of view of actually raising these for several generations on our ranch. Bushbabies have been a great challenge in learning about since there is little known about them, but I always speak the truth, good bad, and ugly.

Hedgehog Pet care guide Ashley Duncan JEAR

As a bushbaby caretaker since 2014, I have personally cared for dozens of different bushbabies as well as breeding and raising them. My name is Ashley Duncan I am the owner and founder of JEAR and bushbabies are one of my favorite species to raise and learn about.

Bushbaby personality, what are bushbabies like?

The bushbaby is not similar to a dog or a cat, or really any other animal. During the day bushbabies sleep and are very quiet. They prefer to be left alone although I wake mine up every morning for a quick breakfast which they wake up for and go back to bed. You can interact with them during the day for small intervals (less than 1 hour) and let them go back to bed after. Keeping them up too long during the day is not good for them, do not attempt to transition your bushbaby from nocturnal to diurnal. In the evening your bushbabies will be very active and will be more willing and happy to play.

Considerations for temperature and proper food are important. They each have their own personality but in general, Bushbabies are extroverts who prefer to sleep or cuddle during the sunlight hours and will be active and more interactive at night.

Bushbabies as Ambassador Animals for professional programs

Bushbabies who are socialized at a young age into a program can most definitely make for a great ambassador animal long term. Bushbabies can make daytime appearances and can be very easy to handle during a program.

How to care for a bushbaby guide

How long Does a Bushbaby Live?

Average Lifespan of Bushbaby: You can expect a healthy bushbaby to live 20+ years.

Feeding a bushbaby, What does a Bushbaby Eat?

Bushbaby Diet:

In captivity, they require fresh fruits and vegetables daily along with a good source of protein. We feed a balance of eggs, protein biscuits, fruit, and supplements.

How big are bushbabies?

Bushbaby Size at Adulthood:

1-4 pounds and roughly the size of a small rabbit.

What kind of cage do Bushbabies need?

Bushbaby Habitat Enclosure requirements: Being smaller animals they do not need an extremely large enclosure although the bigger the better. A pet Bushbaby would be out of the cage often interacting with their family and would not require a very large cage if they have daily access to the home. This would allow them to get the physical and mental exercise they need. Yes, they need an enclosure! No matter how much outside of the cage time. You must be able to put your bushbaby away, for their safety or otherwise, in their own space.

Since they are nocturnal this is where they should be left to sleep during the day. They will be very active in their enclosure at night and make loud calls. Evening time is best to interact with them when they are normally awake.

They are arboreal and spend their time up off the floor, although they may venture down on occasion they prefer higher-placed toys and enrichment. Branches and a sleeping box are important for enrichment. Swings, hammocks, and hanging toys are great also. Keeping them very shaded in the sun is imperative.

pet Bushbaby FAQs

Can I take my bushbaby outside?

Yes, if a bushbaby is acclimated to the outdoors as a baby they will explore just a few feet away from you at times.

Can you have other pets around bushbabies?

They will get along with other animals of similar size, however, in introducing any animal you run the risk of injury to one or both.

Do Bushbabies need baths?

Bushbabies are very good at keeping themselves clean, you do not need to routinely bathe your Bushbaby.

Do Bushbabies require vaccinations or shots?

They should be vaccinated by a knowledgeable vet for distemper, parvo, and rabies. Deworming is also important every 3-6 months.

Will my pet bushbaby bite me?

Anything with teeth can bite. However, a well-socialized Bushbaby will not bite and will be very willing to be held.

Do Bushbabies smell bad?

They do have an odor from scent marking, it smells sweet like syrup.

Can I litter-train my Bushbaby?

No, these are not litter trainable. A good daily schedule will help keep the messes down, diapers are not good to use on them.

Are Bushbabies good with kids?

Bushbabies are gentle and can be handled by kids who are also gentle. They are not a pet for children to care for, but can be raised around them with no issues.

Can I legally own a Bushbaby?

Before deciding to purchase a bushbaby, research whether they are legal to own as pets in your state, city, and county. If you are traveling with your bushbaby out of state, know the legal status of all areas you will be traveling.

Should I get a male or female Bushbaby?

There are very few differences between males and females personality-wise. Each bushbaby has its own personality and habits. Their adult behaviors, in the long run, will depend on many factors, the main one being handling and training.

Should I get two so my bushbaby will not be lonely?

They are nocturnal and if they have another bushbaby as a playmate they will have a more enriching life. While they do not need a companion it is in their best interest to have a cage mate. They can be housed together and will benefit greatly from companionship, especially if you are not awake during the night or evening.

How to care for a bushbaby guide



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