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Exotic Animal Experience, Cuddle Cabin Kingsbury Texas

Exotic animal experience in Kingsbury texas




Meet the baby animals of JEAR in an intimate hands-on private experience.  
Relax in our indoor quiet intimate setting and interact with our hand-raised exotic babies as they hop, jump and crawl around you in this extraordinary and fun experience. 


How much is a Cuddle Cabin at JEAR?

Cuddle Cabins are no longer priced per person

$285 and up per session, pricing is based on the number of people in your group and what animals you interact with. See options below. 

How long is a Cuddle Cabin at JEAR?

60 or 90 minutes depending on the service you choose, the time with each baby animal is spread equally through the time unless otherwise requested. See options below.

When can we book an encounter at JEAR?

We only book 14 days out in the future, if your requested day is more than 2 weeks away please come back and check bookings closer to the date available. Cuddle Cabins must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

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