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Heat Pad

Heat Pad

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 Warming Pad provides a controlled heating area with balanced temperature distribution to add warmth for your pet. The low wattage is safe for direct touch contact without scalding.


  • SAFE: Low wattage, safe for direct touch contact.
  • EASY TO USE: Waterproof and damp-proof, can be used under a tank or vivarium.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Switch manually between 32℉ to 105℉ (0 to 40 ℃) to reach desired temperatures within short time.


Wattage: 20 Watt

Materials: Made of high-quality nichrome heating wire and great PVC material.

Measurements: 16.5 X 11 X 1/8 Inches

Warning: No automatic shut off. No temperature reader. Do not place in cage with chewing animals. Do not put the unit in or near open water. 

Available to Pick-up Only
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