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Kangaroo baby for sale Female exotic pet

Rowan- Female Baby Red Kangaroo PRICE $5900

Introducing  Rowan the  Red Kangaroo Joey 

Born here under JEAR specialized kangaroo breeding program


She is ready to go now, pickup is within 7 days of the deposit (or a $50 per day fee applies)

Pickup at the ranch in Kingsbury Texas


Rowan is a bottle baby she is a perfect baby! She loves her pouch and will follow you around like a puppy she is very calm and sweet. Eats some solids already. 


Red Kangaroo breeder in Texas, we strive to be the best! Our baby kangaroos are hand raised and socialized with years of professional experience. We love raising our kangaroos, and we love representing Texas as a USDA-licensed kangaroo breeder.  Red kangaroo joey for sale



Anyone who places a deposit will be screened prior to sale


  • Terms

    * NON-REFUNDABLE deposit paid will be applied to the total amount.

    All orders are subject to verification. You must be at least 18 years old to order a live animal, and you must live in a legal state

  • Pickup

    Pickup only at our location in Kingsbury Texas, please visit our make an appointment page after checkout to schedule an appointment.

  • Late Fees

    You have a 7 day grace period from your deposit date to schedule pickup for your baby. Every day past the 7th day will incur a $50 per kangaroo, per day boarding fee. 

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