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Warmer environments

Native to South American


Common Marmosets

Also known as Finger Monkeys


Marmoset monkey information

One of the ranches most popular animal, the marmosets are delicate little monkeys that are intelligent and cute. Despite being one of the tiniest monkeys they are full of personality and are fun to watch for hours. These babies are not recommended as pets for most homes. They have special requirements that require time and training. They especially thrive in colonies of other marmosets where they can learn species-specific behaviors like eating and grooming. 

Marmosets are the smallest members of the primate family. They are intelligent and deceivingly adorable.  They are popular as pets and are often referred to as "finger monkeys" although they grow to be bigger than your finger at adulthood. They are not easily adaptable to situations and like to stay in a predictable state. They are very dominating to each other and hierarchy plays a big part in their social structure as well as when kept as a pet. 

When kept as companions marmosets are most frequently rehomed because of improper training which leads to biting and other bad behaviors. They need commitment like a newborn baby.

What is a Marmoset?

Marmoset Zookeeper Facts

Banana Leaf


The dominant partners are the females



They sound like birds when they whistle and chirp

Banana Leaf


One of their favorite treats is live bugs



They are quick and have great eye sight


They are very picky eaters like toddlers



They target shoot their pee out the sides of thier enclosure

Meet the Marmosets at JEAR

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