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Buying a Marmoset Monkey

If you are serious about buying a marmoset monkey start here for straight forward information. My name is Ashley Duncan, I have been raising marmosets since 1999 when I first worked with them as a keeper in San Antonio Texas. Over the years I have raised dozens of babies and successfully sent them off to all types of homes and other professional animal places. I have seen and heard the worst and the best about owning and raising marmosets.

It is important to consider that owning a pet marmoset is a serious and decades long investment in time and money and not all flowers and rainbows, and the baby is a living being that will require many years of dedication from you and immediate family members in the house. Marmosets are not toys and will require a mature understanding and dedication much like having a human child.

Where to buy a marmoset monkey?

You want to buy a marmoset monkey from a breeder, and pick it up from them only (do not use a transport service) once the baby is fully weaned and with everything you need to get started. It is best to get the marmoset already fully weaned onto solid foods. An experienced breeder can do this, and you can and should insist on this.

Never buy a marmoset monkey from a pet store- No proper training and very high pricing, pet stores are not reliable as a resource for the life of your monkey. Only buy from a breeder who has adults at their place.

We are located in Kingsbury Texas and all monkeys are pickup ONLY to avoid scams. Read here about Marmoset Scams

Where is the best place to buy a marmoset monkey?

JEAR is the best place to buy a marmoset because we understand what is needed and we will do everything to make you succeed with your baby. With all of our years with them, we believe we offer the best marmoset baby buying experience to ensure you will be successful with your new family member.

Do not buy a monkey unless it is in person, and do not send money without research! Read my blog on Avoiding Scams

We do not let our babies go before they have reached all important milestones. We spend weeks training and developing our babies into socially and physically healthy marmosets. Many breeders sell their babies much too early, affecting their behavior which can lead to frustration as the marmosets become adults. I have seen this happen many times.

We breed a small number of babies each year to ensure proper care for the parents and any offspring that are born. We keep our number extremely low because marmosets take so much time and special care. We have other animal species to tend to so we do not want to be overwhelmed and miss out on important needs that each marmoset monkey requires.

Buying a Marmoset Monkey

marmoset monkey breeder in texas
5 month old Marmoset Baby

What comes with the marmoset monkey?

JEAR supplies everything you will need for your marmoset for the first month. This includes a cage, food, treats, and all supplies needed. Items required from the new home will include things like scent blankies and fresh fruit.

If you get your baby from another breeder, follow their instructions and take the supplies they provide, ask before you pick up exactly what comes with the baby. If your breeder doesn't supply these things you will need to be prepared before the baby comes home.

What age do marmosets get adopted out?

Short answer- It depends on the marmoset. We have special milestones that our babies must reach before leaving, and the go-home age ranges from 8 weeks to 6 months. At JEAR we sell our babies fully weaned onto solid foods.

Be careful getting a baby too young, they require specialized care and hand-feedings that can be fatal if not done by a professional. The key milestone to want is to have the baby weaned, this needs to be taught by the mother marmoset. It is extremely hard for a human to teach a marmoset how to eat and what to eat properly. This is a huge problem in the marmoset community. Insist on a weaned baby from your breeder.

Marmoset breeder, baby monkey in texas
3 Month old baby marmoset

What is the buying experience like?

Once we have a baby born we begin our specialized hand-raising process. During milestones, we assess to see the particular personality and habits of the individual baby. If we decide to place it in another home we will post it for sale on our website.

Once we have a deposit placed then we work very closely with the new family for preparation and pickup.

At pickup, you get to meet your baby and take them home. We have all supplies ready to go and we spend time going over care and instructions. Once you feel comfortable with your new baby you can take them home :)

We are very active with our past buyers and are available for any questions after you get home- call us don't go on Google!

How do I know if a marmoset is right for me?

Marmosets are cute, but they are not for everyone or every household. Many households change culture, habits, schedules, and more when bringing a new marmoset home. I normally talk prospective owners out of a marmoset because of their particulars.

Several factors make owning a marmoset harder than normal.

First, are children in the home? A marmoset is an adult's pet, they are not for children to play with or be around. Marmies are small, delicate, and can be very quick. Marmosets recognize that children are smaller and will behave differently around them, babies can seem playful but an adult marmoset will become aggressive towards children. Marmies get anxious when children are being kids, running screaming, and causing disturbances. This is not a good environment for marmosets. They thrive in quiet households that are routine and have one or two regular adults living in the home.

Cotton Top tamarin baby
Cotton Top Tamarin Baby

Obedience and training are a huge part of bonding with your marmoset monkey

if you are gone all day long for work you will lose out on important time, this will cause behavior issues if you want a monkey to be very interactive with you.

A baby marmoset requires a day similar to toddlers, they wake up and eat their breakfast. Followed by morning cleaning, morning walk, and socialization. Lunch is given and then nap time. After a nap, it's more socializing, playtime, and then alone time before dinner. After dinner, they get tucked into bed for sleep time.

Cotton Top Tamarin Baby
Cotton Top Tamarin Baby

Marmoset Monkeys have an odor

The smell is another factor, all monkeys are stinky. Even tiny marmosets. They will mark on things and will not be helpful in keeping your house clean. They can get regular baths and that does help, but the bathing time would be another training aspect to add onto the baby bonding.

Where and how can I interact with a marmoset in person to help me decide?

Unfortunately, interacting with adult marmosets will not give you a great idea of what you can expect when they are living with you and integrated into your home. Marmosets do not like strangers and are aggressive with new people. If you are hoping you can take your marmoset to work on your shoulder every day, this is not a good idea, as they will soon become aggressive with visitors and any changes in routine.

Marmosets are sometimes at your local zoo, you won't be able to hold one there but you can go and see their bodies and some behaviors in person.

Watching videos of other marmosets in other families' homes is very helpful, it will give you the best insight into what you can expect. Keep in mind that marms are products of their environment, you cannot and should not expect your marm to behave the same way you see others online, they have all been raised differently.

Occasionally, we offer our babies to be visited in the Cuddle Cabin. Many of our customers start their research here and can get hands-on meeting with a baby. This is a place to start the conversation, and see and hold a baby in person. It will not show you a day-to-day expectation of having a marmoset for life.

JEAR breeds a small number of babies per year, we have a compiled list of other actual breeders who are known to JEAR



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