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Warmer environments

Native to Africa

African Pygmy



hedgehog information

African Pygmy Hedgehogs are remarkably cute little animals.  Their backs are covered with prickly spines called quills, and their bellies are soft and furry. When threatened or scared they roll into a tight ball. When relaxed their spines lay almost flat.  They make a good beginner exotic pet as they are easy to care for and just plain fun. Despite their impressive display of little spines they are easily tamed, and when they feel secure, their little quills feel like hairbrushes. 


Is that a baby porcupine?? While they look very similar, they are not even related. An African Pygmy Hedgehog is an insectivore, not a rodent-like porcupine.  A hedgehog's closest relative is actually the shrew. An average African Pygmy Hedgehog will fit in an adult man's cupped hand. African Pygmy hedgehogs have a thick coat of spines, varying in color. There is no fur under the spines, but soft white or dark fur covers the belly, neck, face, and legs. They have relatively poor sight, but hearing, smell, and taste are very well developed in most captive hedgehogs. 

What is a hedgehog?

Hedgehog Zookeeper Facts

Banana Leaf


They are solitary and live best alone



They make a hissing sound when they are scared

Banana Leaf


They have poor eye sight but have great sense of smell



They are terrestrial but some can still climb up the sides of wire cages


Their favorite treat is insects



Their quills are called spines

Meet the Hedgehogs at JEAR

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