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Native to Australia

Sugar Glider


Sugar Glider information

Sugar gliders are small marsupials that are wildly popular as companions. The time and effort put into them is reciprocated ten fold.  Gliders form a deep bond with their human owner and enjoy spending hours climbing around or sleeping in their owners clothing. 

Small soft marsupials that often are found quietly snoozing since they are nocturnal. When they awake they can sound as loud as a hand drill if they are startled. They are not found wild in the US, only kept as companions. 

Are they the same as a Flying Squirrel?

No, they are completely different and are not even related! Sugar gliders are marsupials and flyers are rodents. Sugar Gliders have a musky smell and scent glands and flyers do not. Gliders breed all year round and will breed very well and easily in captivity, Flyers breed once a year and are not very successful when paired and bred in most captive situations. They have different diets, fur color fur texture, smell, and noises. The only things they share is that the both glide, they are the same size and they both form deep bonds with their owners.  

What is a Sugar Glider?

Sugar Glider Zookeeper Facts

Banana Leaf


They have a musky odor 


The babies ride on the parents back

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Their favorite place to sleep is a hanging sleep pouch 

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They have fun and adorable personalities

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They have over a dozen different sounds they can make

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They prefer to have glider friends vs being an only child

Meet the Sugar Gliders at JEAR

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