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Flying Squirrel Wooden Nest Box

Flying Squirrel Wooden Nest Box



This box is hand made and the prefect size for flying squirrels. Hinge lid makes it easy to check in on your squirrels.



For breeding flying squirrels, keep 1 extra nextbox per squirrel to give optimal sleeping space. 



  • Solid Pine Wood
  • 100% safe if chewed
  • Hand-crafted for premium quality
  • Encourages natural nesting behavior
  • All-natural - no chemicals, wire or thread

    Includes: 1 Count

    Intended Pet(s): Rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, mouse, rat, chinchilla

    Material(s): Timothy Hay

    Product Dimensions: Box is 5x6x5 with a small 1" front ledge lip 

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