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Prairie Dogs


Prairie Dog Information

Prairie Dogs are special and so are the people who love them. Indeed, life with a prairie dog becomes a mutual addiction. Of all the exotic animals currently kept as pets worldwide, the prairie dog is one of the ultimate companions. A lost prairie dog does not “revert to the wild” as do so many exotic pets.  Instead it will search for its owner or beg for help from the first human it meets. If it encounters his former owner years later, its happiness knows no bounds. - Lynda Watson

Prairie Dogs are small rodents that are native to multiple parts of the United States. They spend most of their days building and caring for their extensive tunnel systems. They are extremely social animals and live in very large colonies. Even in the wild a prairie dog will spend much of its youth playing like puppies with each other as a social bonding technique. In the wild they are considered pests and are often killed or exterminated. 

"PDs are so intelligent that behaviorists have yet to devise tests to determine just how bright they are.... A PD will fling itself on a pit bull in your defense. " Bringing a Prairie Dog Pup into Your Home",  2001

What is a Prairie Dog?

Prairie Dog Zookeeper Facts

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They are very social with people and other prairie dogs

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They enjoy destroying new toys

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They breed once a year in the spring

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Favorite treats is mealworms and sweet potatoes. 


They will sleep on their backs

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They yell "yahoo" when they are greeting their people

Meet the Prairie Dogs of JEAR

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