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Cuddle Cabin Exotic Animal Experience | What to expect on the best day ever

Our baby animals cannot wait to meet you in our ultra-exclusive cuddle session. This is an intimate and private experience unlike any other. You will bring your private group to our indoor cabin filled with our baby animals. This is a quiet and calm experience.

Our Cuddle Cabin animal encounters are focused on connecting people and baby animals in a safe and fun way. Our babies enjoy meeting and socializing with new people too!

Exotic Animal Experience cuddle cabin

Cuddle Cabin Includes
  • Hands-on time with the animals you choose

  • Comfortable indoor experience (Weather-proof)

  • Exclusive reservations, only you and your guests are present

Pricing for the Cuddle Cabin
  • Pricing is per session, depending on how many people are in your group and which animals you select. Pricing starts at $285 for a group of 1-4 and goes up depending on the number of participants

Fennec Fox in the Cuddle Cabin, JEAR Kingsbury TX
Fennec Fox- Cuddle Cabin JEAR

What to expect

What animals do we get to see and hold in the cuddle cabin?

You will book a specific cabin with the available babies listed, any special animal requests must be made 48 in advance- not all can be accommodated.

How do people describe the Cuddle Cabin?





Better than Therapy

Best Day Ever

How do we book the Cuddle Cabin?

Make your reservation online 24/7. Our online booking portal is the fastest and most up-to-date for current booking times. A non-refundable deposit is due at booking.

Preparation for the Cuddle Cabin visit

Plan to dress comfortably and please wear socks and easy-to-remove shoes (shoes are removed in the baby area). Charge your phone or camera, and ensure your driving route is set.

Arriving to the ranch for your Cuddle Cabin

You will arrive 15 minutes early to park and check-in.

Check-in for the Cuddle Cabin

Welcome greeting and everyone signs a waiver.

Walk to the Cuddle Cabin

We make a short journey to the cuddle cabin, seeing a few of our residents along the way :)

Cuddle Cabin Time - The good stuff!

50 minutes of hands-on animal time

(90 minutes for 7+ groups)

Exit to the Sales Office/Gift Shop

Exotic Animal Experience cuddle cabin



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