Abstract Lights



Warmer environments

Native to South America


Aka Honey Bear


A small rain forest little creature some call the honey bear. Its coat is plush, velvety, soft and dense. Kinkajous are one of our favorite animals. If handled properly they are very sweet and good nurtured.  

What is a Kinkajou?


Kinkajous naturally live in the rain forest and are related to raccoons and Coatimundi. They are not related to monkeys. They have fully prehensile grasping tails, which can be used like an extra "hand" when climbing. The tail can be almost as long as the body and is also used for balance when moving from one tree limb to another. 


Kinkajous are very mellow-mannered which makes them a delicate and cuddly pet. Kinkajous are by far the best large exotic I have ever dealt with. They have velvety soft fur and their palms have bare skin. 

Zookeeper Facts

Meet the Kinkajous of JEAR

Banana Leaf


They like eating upside down 


Our oldest kinkajou lived over 20 years

Banana Leaf


They make chirping and clicking noises 


Their tails are semi prehensile


Their favorite treat is bananas


They pee off high places