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Our dwarf pigs hold a very special place in our heart and home. All pigs are very special and unique animals. If you understand their personalities, and quirks, owners bond to them, like the pigs were their own children.   They are extremely intelligent and give a lot of love and acknowledgement to their owners.

mini Zebu Information

They are literally what it says, they are mini pigs! People call mini pigs lots of different names like micro minis, Juliana, teacup, mini pot belly. They are all the same mini pigs, "smaller than your average" pig. 
They are extremely psychological pets and rely heavily on their owners for mental stimulation. This is a pet that needs your attention.
Mini pigs require firm training from the beginning and will not be a very happy pig if they are left in a room or in a backyard all day with no interaction.

What is a "Dwarf" pig? 

A dwarf pig is a mini pig with genetic dwarfism. A dwarf pig has characteristics of genetic dwarfism. This is a genetic trait(s) that can only be passed from dwarf parents.  Characteristics are short stubby front legs, broad shoulders, long faces , rounded noses and most significantly; stunted growth. 

What is a Mini Zebu?

Mini Zebu Zookeeper Facts

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They are highly intelligent

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They can be sensitive and even have a sense of humor

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They love to have their bellies scratched

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Even though they love mud, they have clean living habits


They are mischievous like 2 year old children

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Pigs are one of the top ten intelligent animals

Meet the Mini Pigs of JEAR

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