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Exotic Animal Pet Rescue in Central Texas | Find quick help for your exotic animal and pets

JEAR accepts small exotic mammals needing sanctuary or rescue

If you are feeling overwhelmed with time or care for your exotic animal, you are in the right place. Read on to learn how JEAR can help you with your exotic animal.

Once you have made the decision to rehome your exotic pet, it can be a long process, and finding someone else who can care properly for the animal is the priority. It's important that the pet doesn't get into another home that isn't prepared or knowledgeable.

Exotic Animal Rescue in Central Texas

**Please do not let your pet go into the wild!!

If you are in need of an exotic animal sanctuary or rescue contact us.

Janda Exotics accepts exotic animals as surrenders, to schedule an appointment to bring your pet to the ranch visit us here.

JEAR is located centrally and are within reasonable driving distance from Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston. Our ranch is located in Kingsbury Texas.

Exotic animals are different than other animals and require specialized care. We want them to be in the best place if their owners can no longer care for them.

We do not judge any person who is needing help with their exotic animal,

please contact us first.

For faster responses, call or text us 210-241-1856

Do I need to bring their cage or supplies?

Although we have places for them to stay, we find it better if the animals can transition with their existing cages. If you are able to bring their enclosure and current supplies it is helpful but not necessary. We will use any supplies you bring for your pet to keep them as comfortable as possible.

Does JEAR accept animals that didn't come from JEAR?

Yes, the animals can come from any background

Are there animals that JEAR does not accept?

Yes, for various reasons including certain diseases and special needs, we do not accept any of the following.








Prairie Dogs





What happens to the animals when they are surrendered?

They are evaluated to best determine their immediate and long-term needs and then we establish and follow a plan to keep them in a stable environment so that they are comfortable for the rest of their lives. Most of our surrenders stay at the ranch and join our various animal programs.

Exotic Animal Rescue in Central Texas



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