Exotic Nutrition's HPW diets are a favorite among glider owners. Instant-HPW includes the major ingredients from the original homemade HPW diet that is trusted and fed to sugar gliders worldwide. The HPW diet plan = protein supplement + eggs + honey + bee pollen. We have formulated this homemade diet plan into an easier, mess-free, pre-mixed form using dehydrated ingredients, and then fortified it with Glider Booster (multivitamin) and Glider-Cal (calcium supplement) for added nutrition.

  • Vitamin-enriched sugar glider diet, delicious vanilla flavoring
  • Mixes with water...quick and easy to make fresh diet
  • Natural ingredients include honey, eggs, bee pollen and ZooPro high protein supplement
  • No washing, chopping or cutting fresh ingredients - simply mix with water
  • Serve fresh or freeze into individual servings

Instant HPW Vanilla Bean 8 Oz.


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