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Henry - Flying Squirrel Baby Male PRICE $900

Henry - Flying Squirrel Baby Male PRICE $900

Baby Southern Flying Squirrel For Sale


He is ready to go now


This baby flying squirrel was born here at the JEAR ranch in our captive breeding program.  


Henry is an adorable and sweet baby. He is hand-raised and very personable and is looking for a person to bond with.  


We know you will love him from the moment you meet him.  


Our goal is to ensure lifelong success with your baby, and we provide everything you need to get off on the best start possible. 


  • Terms

    * Non-refundable deposit will be applied to the total

    All orders are subject to verification. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase a live animal. 

  • Pickup

    Pick-Up will be at our location in Kingsbury Texas during a scheduled appointment
    Pickup is required within 7 days

  • Late Fees

    You have a 7 day grace period from your deposit date to schedule transportation for your baby. Every day past the 7th day will incur a $25 per Flying Squirrel, per day boarding fee. If your baby is not ready to go at the time of your deposit you will be contacted and the grace period will be set for the date the baby is available to leave.

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