Starting from the bottom

*My dad helping pull a tree out of the overgrown barn. 2016

Janda was built on blood sweat and tears. It continues that way to this day. I am proud to say that I have worked my fingers to the bone to be where we are today. My team and my family are always at my side.

We did not personally start out with a lot of money (none). And banks do not give loans to 'exotic animal ranches' or 'breeders'. Every day and every dollar we invested in our business was one step closer to our goals.

Jason used to ask me, "when will we be done working, when can we relax?". We have arrived at our goal of having an enchanting ranch that does amazing things every day. But development and growing never stops.

My dreams, goals and vision is so much bigger than myself that its overwhelming. Janda now is a dream world compared to how small we started with just breeding animals on our small 5 acres in San Marcos, Texas. Today we are thankful to have our homestead and ranch on 90 acres in Kingsbury, Texas. We are home to over 35 different species of animals and have established breeding programs, including endangered species, on over 90% of our species.

JEAR is on a mission to change the standards and perception of small exotic animal ranches and to increase animal welfare awareness though example.


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