Something about Janda

A very common question I get asked is which animal do I like the best on the ranch, which is my favorite? The answer is they are here because they are all my favorite! The exotics we have are a special selection of animals that we immensely enjoy and can manage at our best ability. Our team only cares for the animals we feel we are experts in, or that we can learn the most from our experiences.

Each species is very special in its own way, and holds a special place in my heart or life.

With the ranch growing every year our species collection has risen to close to 40 at the beginning of 2021. Each year I make determinations about adding species or removing species from our care list. As a team we typically succeed with new species and learn to care for them easily. If not, we know our limits and will focus our energies on our successes and not our failures.

At the end of the day our team is committed to all of the critters on our ranch, no matter what species which is the best thing I can ask for. ❤

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