Meet some of our Animal Ambassadors!


Koda our bull kangaroo is three years old . He got bit by a rattlesnake on his left eye 2 years ago and we weren’t sure if he was going to make it or if he’d be able to keep his eye. We kept him in our nursery for months trying to rehabilitate him back to health, and not only is he a survivor, he only has a small scar on his eye to tell the tale. Going through this journey has made Koda very comfortable around people and very docile. Koda now has 4 very lucky ladies and has successfully fathered 6+ baby joeys.

Polynesia AKA Polly

Polynesia AKA Polly is a tri-colored ruffed lemur which is a very special lemur because she is a mix between a white ruffed lemur and a red ruffed lemur who naturally segregate themselves in the wild and in captivity. She was Born in April 2020 in the spring time which all lemurs are born in the spring. She is very sweet and loving, and her favorite thing to meet new people and to clean everyone.


Sosuke is our male capybara who was born in January 2020. Capybaras are the world's largest rodent that can weigh anywhere between 75-150lbs. They are partially aquatic animals if you take a look at their feet they are webbed and can hold their breath for up to 5 mins. Sosuke’s favorite thing to do is eat lettuce, watermelon and apples and hang out in his tub of water.


Chandler is one of our male fennec foxes who came to us in the summer of 2019. He is so special because of his sweet cuddly personality. He loves to show off for anyone who walks by him by running around his enclosure, making his squeaking noises and playing with the barn cats and dogs that walk by. He loves to dig in sand and play with his toys.

Maui And Snapple-

Maui is our female ostrich which all females ostriches are gray and white. Maui came all the way to Missouri in 2017 and she was only the size of a chicken. She now is about 8 feet tall but she thinks she’s still a little chicken. She is very sweet and docile who loves food and attention and likes to get pets everywhere. Snapple is our male ostrich who is about 10 feet tall and was just as small when he arrived. Maui and him arrived around the same time and have grown up together. Snapple likes to show off and do a little dance for people but he really loves his food and space to run.


Fancy is our llama who was about 6 months old when we got her back in December of 2019. She has no personal boundaries and believes humans are her herd which is why she chooses to never spit. She loves attention and getting treats and feeling like the fanciest llama around.


Maya is one of our marmoset babies who was born in June of 2020 and she's a common white tufted marmoset. Marmosets typically have twins but as soon as they are born the dad takes over all of the babies care. They spend most of their time in the high treetops eating and playing with each other. They love fruits, insects and marshmallows as a rare treat.

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