Living the dream!

Our customers and visitors always say, you are living my dream. No truer words have been spoken. At JEAR it feels like a magical place where people and animals come together like no where else. The amazing things we do and see every day is our fuel for the work that we do. Our animals, our team and our dedication is what makes this place different from other animal organizations.

Of course a dream takes commitment, and the difference between us and everyone else is our 100% commitment to this ranch and the purpose we are serving. Our ranch serves as a home to over 35 different species and we employ roughly 12 team members at a time. As the owner I have fully given my life to this adventure and lifestyle of running our ranch. There are no days off, no sleep in days, no sick days and no moments when you can be off your guard. Growing up in the exotic animal world I never imagined that I would have such a place or live such a life. Animal places are routinely described as dirty, scammy or even neglectful. We actively strive to be the opposite of those things and we succeed every time.

I am so proud to be a part of this place, as the head of the organization I am blown away at the amazing things we do every day.

Living the dream doesn't just cost money, it demands your life but in the end if it is something that you love it will be a life worth living.

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