Lets jump right in! Outside time for your exotic animals: good or bad?

This is a touchy subject with some exotic animal owners. As exotic animals, their needs are much different than regular domestic cats and dogs. They cannot be taken to the dog park and shown off like a new toy. They require special care and precautions for their safety and wellbeing especially when they are taken outdoors.

As a rule of thumb all exotics should be kept in a safe enclosure indoors, or outdoors. When the opportunity arises to take them out of their comfortable habitats to the out of doors, there are some things you should know.

Animals in captivity need humans to protect them from the dangers of the world. This includes protection from

  • other animals

  • biting a person or an animal

  • getting loose/lost

  • unneeded stress

  • weather

Before you consider taking your exotic animal outside ask yourself, can I keep them safe? Putting your animal in circumstances where they may be out of your control is scary and can lead to misfortunes including death. Some safety concerns to consider:

  • Can I protect my animals from other animals with a physical barrier?

There is no reason for exotic animals to come into contact with other animals they are not familiar with, domestic or wild. This is extremely dangerous and can cause injury, stress or worse. Do not let your pet interact with animals unfamiliar to you! Always keep them in a safety barrier or with a lead or halter on. Never let your exotic loose without safety, or sadly you risk never seeing them again.

  • Can I protect my animal from escape or becoming lost?

Your animal must be in a safety pen or harnessed at all times when outdoors to remain under your control. There are too many instances that have occurred of animals becoming startled and running away or being interested in something up a tree and they never come down. Do not chance this and keep your pet safe! If you are unable to take these safety measures keep your exotic indoors.

  • Is my pet safe from the current weather?

Is the current weather appropriate for my pet? Nocturnal animals need to come out in the evening time, and the temperature must be within range. You do not want your pet becoming ill from a cold evening outside.

  • Can I keep my animal from other people coming into contact with them?

Your pet exotic does not want to be in contact with anyone else but you and the family it is familiar with. When taking your animal outside, ensure that there is no members of the public that can pester or come close to your animal. If your exotic animal bites someone, even a relative there may be legal consequences for you and might be a death sentence for your exotic.

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