Difficult topics

Updated: Jan 18

What's coming up? I want to discuss and set the records straight for many topics of contention dealing with exotic animals. Having grown up in the industry I have decades of experience and I learn more every day.

My philosophy in caring and sharing your life with exotics is based on maintaining a good experience for the animal and the human.

Some topics in upcoming posts:

  • Should exotics be taken into the public?

  • Can I make my nocturnal exotic awake during the day?

  • Are exotics legal where I live?

  • What's the best diet for my exotic?

  • Can I let my exotic free roam?

  • Can I train my exotic?

  • Which exotic is best?

**Suggest topics by commenting on this thread and we can consider them🧐 **

Fancy the lovely Llama ☺

We want to stay positive and keep JEAR a fun place to receive real information. I cannot wait to get going with everyone and make great connections. 🤗🐒🐾🦊🦒🐵🦌🐪🦥🦘

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