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Updated: Jan 18

The early days were filled with fun and excitement. Getting new animals and species was an adventure with so much to learn. Coatis are one of the first few species I began to raise. I first bottle raised babies for other exotic ranches in my teenage years, then we finally added our first permanent coati in 2008, a male named Severus.

We raised him in our home in a pet capacity to experience the breed for ourselves and to gain experience. We first were able to keep him in a medium sized bird cage with sturdy wire. He was the size of a small puppy and would follow you everywhere. In order to keep him safe in our home and while we are away he was kept in his cage.

His routine was as follows:

6 week old coati baby schedule:

8am- Bottle feed

9am- Nap

10am- Playtime

11am- Bottle feed

12pm- Nap

1pm- Playtime

2pm- Bottle feed

3pm- Nap

4pm- Playtime

5pm- Bottle feed

6pm- Nap

7pm- Playtime

8pm- Bath Time

9pm Bottle Feed


We follow this specialized routine when we pull our babies to hand raise. Bottle raising baby coatis is very rewarding and can create a very special relationship with each baby. They are easier to manage and handle when our adults are people friendly. It makes for a very good pet and they can live upwards of 15 years.

Baby Coatis are cared for by their mother for several weeks. This allows them to get the best antibodies, feeding and cleaning techniques and learn from their mother. Once they reach 4 weeks old we permanently take them from their mother to begin supplemental feeding and training. Babies are put a bottle with special replacement formula.

Severus was neutered when he was 6 months old by our vet. This has kept him sweet and good natured. Now he is 12 years old and he still has the same personality he did when he was younger. Neutering the males is absolutely imperative for the mental health of the males. They make much better pets when they are neutered.

I love coatis!

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