The Janda Exotics Team

ZOO KEEPERS & Tour Guides
Elizabeth or as we call her “Liz” joined our team as a Zoo Aide in June 2018 and is currently our Level 2 Zoo Keeper.
Before working at Janda, Liz worked in the education field as a special education instructional aid. She also has experience with various animals including exotics at her mini zoo at home.
Liz grew up in New Berlin, TX. She graduated from Texas Lutheran University with a bachelor’s degree in Biology.
Liz’s future goal is to continue working with exotic animals and to own several for herself one day.
Liz has owned a variety of animals such as dogs, cattle, chinchillas, fish, reptiles, birds, horse, rabbits, squirrels and more. When Liz is not working she enjoys camping, hiking, gardening, horseback riding, taking care of her aquaponics system, playing video games, watching movies, drawing, painting and crafting.
Small Animal Specialist
Sperry joined our team in August 2018 as a Zoo Aide and is currently our Small Animal Specialist.
Sperry grew up in San Marcos, Texas and graduated from Tarleton University with a bachelors degree in Animal Science. 
Sperry's future goals are to continue working with exotic animals and to work with the breeding conservation of endangered species.
Sperry currently has a doberman and a bob tailed cat. She has owned other animals such as a cockatiel.
When Sperry isn't working she enjoys hiking with her dog Abby, playing video games, and baking all sorts of sweet treats.
Zoo Aides & Specialty Animal Caretakers
LeighAnn joined our team in January of 2019 and is currently a zoo aide. She assists with specialty animal care taking and handles all food prep. 
LeighAnn grew up in San Antonio, Texas and is currently studying Wildlife Biology at Texas State University.
LeighAnn's future goals is to become a zookeeper or game warden.
LeighAnn currently owns dogs, cats, cows and fish.
When LeighAnn isn't working she enjoys anything that involves animals, hiking or sports.
Ranch Hand
Layne joined our team in August of 2019 and is our Ranch Hand. 
He grew up in Setx in the Beaumont area. He graduated from Port Neches-Groves High school and is currently a student at Texas State University majoring in Animal Science and Agriculture with a focus of Pre-Vet.
Layne's future goal is to own an equine vet clinic and specialize in big animal exotic care.
He has a loyal and loving silver Labrador retriever named Sadie. 
When Layne isn't working he enjoys hunting, fishing and spending as much time with his family as possible. 
Sales Coordinator​
Brandy joined our team in December of 2018 and is currently our Sales Coordinator. 
She grew up in Luling, Texas and is currently attending school for her Dog Grooming Certification.
Brandy's had previous experience working with her dad's dog kennel and at a petting zoo. Her future goal is to own and operate a dog grooming salon. 
Brandy has had a Lab/German Shepard mix, calico cat, pig and rat as pets.
When Brandy isn't working she enjoys bowling and spending time with her daughter.
Marketing Specialist
Nichole joined our team in March of 2019 and is currently our Marketing Specialist. 
Nichole grew up in Austin, Texas and has a bachelors of science degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Before getting her degree, she worked in a number of animal care related fields. 
Nichole's future goals are to become a full time zoo keeper and own a small ranch with a variety of animals. 
Nichole has had a variety of pets over the years. Currently she has three sugar gliders that go by the names of Draco, Bellatrix and Luna. She also foster cares for different animals as needed.
When Nichole isn't working she enjoys board games, hiking, traveling and spending time with her husband and 2 sons.

Zookeeper Apprenticeship 

Frank joined our team in January of 2020 and is currently a zookeeper apprentice. 
Frank grew up in Seguin, Texas. He hopes to attend Texas A&M to study Wildlife and Fishery Science. He plans to become a Game Warden.
Frank has 2 pets, a dog named June and a leopard gecko named Chuck. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his friends, playing video games and hiking. 

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