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Ruffed Lemurs &

Brown Lemurs




Warmer environments

Native to Madagascar

Lemur Information

Native to Madagascar, all species of lemurs are endangered species and are protected by special laws. We are honored to maintain these species and care for them in a healthy captive environment. 



Members of the primate family, lemurs are long muscular animals that live in the jungle of Madagascar. They have plush fur and long hanging non-prehensile tails. Most domestic lemurs are about the size of a domestic house cat. 


Lemurs are intelligent and have very distinct personalities. When raised in an appropriate environment a lemur can be an enjoyable companion. 

What is a Lemur?

Lemur Zookeeper Facts

Banana Leaf


They are in the prosimian family

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Their long tails are not prehensile

Banana Leaf


They make pig like snorting noises

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They are sexually dimorphic


Their favorite treat is apples

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 Brown Lemurs have distinct personalities

Meet the Brown Lemurs at JEAR

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