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Flying Squirrel Information

These gentle tiny squirrels  are  true “pocket pets”. Flying squirrels form a deep bond with their human owner and enjoy spending hours climbing around or sleeping in their owners clothing.  Squirrels are nocturnal but will adjust slightly to their owners and spend time awake with them. A gliding membrane which extends from front leg to its back leg is stretched out and allows the squirrel to glide from perch to perch for up to 150 feet! It's large eyes, loving nature, and gliding ability make it a popular companion. 

Flying Squirrels are small rodents that are native to parts of the United States. They are not easy to find in the wild they are very quiet and come out late at night. 

Are they the same as a Sugar Glider?

No, they are completely different and are not even related! Sugar gliders are marsupials and flyers are rodents. Sugar Gliders have an odor and scent glands and flyers do not. Gliders breed all year round and will breed very well and easily in captivity, Flyers breed once a year and are not very successful when paired and bred in captivity. They have different diets, fur color, fur texture, smell, and noises. The only aspects they share are that they both glide, they are the same size, and they both form close bonds with their owners.

What is a Flying Squirrel?

Flying Squirrel Zookeeper Facts

Banana Leaf


Their favorite treat is pecans

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They make small whistle noises

Banana Leaf


They have gliding membranes like bats

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They live in trees, attics and eat acorns in the wild of the USA. 


They store their extra food in their nesting areas

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 They are born pink and hairless with their gliding membrane

Meet the Flying Squirrels at JEAR

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