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Abstract Lights



Warmer environments

Native to South America

Mountain Coatimundi


I don't like to say that I like any of my animals more than the other, but the coatimundi definitely wins one of the the most fun and playful award! They are extremely affectionate, and attention seeking. They are very similar to dogs and domestic animals although they have their exotic quirks!

What is a Coatimundi?

Relative of the raccoon the Coati is a special species full of fun. One of the best things about them is their engaging personality, even for wild coatis. Vacation destinations in Costa Rica and other South American areas have wild coatis that steal food from tourist pockets like monkeys. They are aggressively cute and will make any interaction with them memorable. 

Zookeeper Facts

Banana Leaf


They are solitary and live best alone


They make a hissing sound when they are scared

Banana Leaf


They have poor eye sight but have great sense of smell


They are terrestrial but some can still climb up the sides of wire cages


Their favorite treat is insects


Their quills are called spines

Meet the Coatis of JEAR

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