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Red, aka Bevo Jr

DOB: 02/2012
Color: Rusty Red, brown spotted

Red is a second generation DWARF pig. He has
been selected from several litters we have had
from our first dwarf, Bevo.
His personality is more like a dog,
and he is just the sweetest thing!
Red Cont.

Please email about Dwarf pigs vs. Mini
DOB: 2008
Color: Pink with Black mask, Blue eyes
Mini Pig

Bella is ultra sweet and very dog-like. She loves her
time inside and is very good with children. Bella is
very small framed and passes this trait down to her

DOB: 5/2005
Color: Pink with freckles
Mini Pig

Winter is one of the smallest females we breed.


DOB: 2011
Color: Silver with black spots
Mini PotBelly

Dotty is in our breeding program to pass on one
thing...her pug nose! She is a small framed mini
Potbelly and a sweet personality.

DOB: 2/2007
Color:  Solid Black
Mini Pig

Missy produces babies that have maintained a
healthy 30 pound weight and smaller with amazing
color patterns.  We frequently have kept babies
from her to add to our breeding program. Truley a
stellar producing mamma.


DOB: 3/16/2009
Color: Pineapple Blonde Spotted
Juliana Pig

Ultimate color and size combo!

Juliet always produces the most amazing spotted,
spoiled babies!


DOB: May 2011
Color: Red rust

Pixie is a first generation Dwarf pig,
and has the most beautiful babies.
She produces dwarf piglets as well as regular minis.


DOB: May 2011
Color: Red with speckles
Mini Pig



DOB:  2012
Color: Chocolate Brown
Mini Pot Belly

She will not be bred until 2015

DOB: 7/2008
Color: Solid Black
Mini Pig

We breed her ONCE a year and she typically has 2-4
babies at most because of her delicate size.

In this picture she is shown next to our 9 pound